In 2008, Washburn Guitars decided to celebrate 125 years as one of America’s premier guitar builders by initially offering for sale 250 individually numbered guitars from various iconic models they had built since their humble beginnings in 1883.

To authenticate the instruments even further, they were artificially “aged” to look like they were in fact 125 years old. These original 250 instruments are different from the later mass produced options in that the tops are solid, not laminate, and the build qualities are substantially better.

From the very beginning, the Parlor guitar was a staple for the Washburn company. The Parlor was a smaller bodied instrument that as the name suggests could be played in the small front parlor rooms of well-to-do homes. For me, though, the vision of a thousand old blues players singing away their troubles on these lovely little guitars is a far more appealing image. These guitars have such a great acoustic blues tone!

Smaller than a concert guitar, the Parlor guitar has had a major revival in the last decades and original pre-1900 instruments now fetch substantial dollars depending on their quality and condition. [For more information on this instrument go to Guitars: “For Sale: Washburn R314 K Parlor Guitar Number 84 of 250 (Collector’s Edition)“]


Price: $1050.00  (SOLD)

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