Strings and Wood

After more than three decades of playing and teaching guitar as a professional musician, if there is one thing about this instrument that I am certain of, it is that it gets into your blood.

Very early in my musical life my first mentor told me that the guitar should be an extension of yourself and now all these years on I understand exactly what he means. My name is John Holland and Strings and Wood is my vision of what a guitar website should be.

There is a saying that goes, “A teacher takes a hand, touches a heart and learns.” That is a philosophy that I think holds true no matter how long you have been practicing the art. Hopefully you, as a practicing musician or a professional or even a complete beginner, will gain something positive from the experiences of so many others whose voices will echo through these pages.

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That well known lovable rogue, Keith Richards said in reference to the importance of musicians passing the message on down the line, “The greatest thing that a musician can do, and it doesn’t matter if you’re successful or famous, is if someone picks up on it. That’s the greatest epitaph: ‘Rest in peace – he passed it on’.” That is the essence of Strings and Wood. It is about shared experience and mutual support in all areas musical and guitar.  So Enjoy.