Many students begin learning the guitar by teaching themselves a few of the basic rudiments – I know, because that is how it began for me. They may also use the incredibly valuable resources available on the internet, but invariably the keen student will eventually seek the guidance of an experienced teacher to help hone their skills.

While I am fortunate to have worked with many guitarists who have gone on to successful careers in the music business, I have always believed that the most important attribute for any aspiring musician is the enthusiasm to begin.

With 30 years experience as a guitar teacher from beginner to advanced, jazz to contemporary, blues to classical, my teaching method offers a broad spectrum of opportunity to any guitar student regardless of skill level.


I have had extensive experience in preparing students for their HSC music exams and specialise in ensuring candidates present a diverse music programme that ensures optimum results.

Each student is unique and it is my firm belief that it is up to me as the teacher to find the keys to that difference, thereby facilitating the most effective learning environment.

So whether you are looking for a teacher for yourself, or perhaps you have a youngster wanting to give guitar a go, it will be well worth you making contact.