Miles, as a thought for the day…

“We shrink from change; yet is there anything that can come into being without it?… Is it possible for any useful thing to be achieved without change. Do you not see then that change in yourself is of the same order as nature?” ~ Marcus Aurelius 121-180 AD


This is a beautiful photo of a young Miles Davis, one of the greatest bandleaders and musical creators of the twentieth century. From everything I have read of the man he was uncompromising in his determination to embrace change whatever the cost. As so many before him and after him he was a true artist and undoubtedly a twentieth century icon that in musical terms places him beside so many luminaries that include the likes of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Jeff Buckley, Woody Gutherie and so the list goes on.

Is it possible that as Marcos Aurelius suggests we as humans are meant to keep seeking and embracing change? I certainly agree with his contention because I believe that as students of the guitar we naturally reflect that energy because for most of us as practising guitarists we will always be seeking to improve on the point at which we think we have arrived. I know it sounds deep but try to remember: music is a meditation. So keep on strumming.

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