A thought for the day…


“A musician may suddenly reach a point at which pleasure in the technique of the art entirely falls away, and in some moment of inspiration he becomes the instrument through which music flows.” 

DSC_0343 (4).JPG

To achieve this state is rare but it does happen and it is always worth striving for. As one of my fantastic guitar students, Max Warland, wrote on my music room wall at the age of 11: “Get off your butt, stop eating cookies and strum your drum.” Max had a colourful way with words but I think you get his drift. Get moving and get on with it!

I often think that for many aspiring musicians the problem with their learning is that like many people they are looking for a final destination – a place where they can say they have finally arrived. Music doesn’t work like that. It is a constantly changing and evolving thing. If you can get that you will love it forever. Keep on strumming!


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