What’s in a colour?

Did you know that the colours that Leo Fender originally assigned to his stratocasters and Telecasters were all colours of cars made in the 1950’s and early 1960’s? Colours included Candy apple Red, Fiesta Red, Olympic White, Sea foam green, Daphne Blue, Sonic Blue and Arctic white. One of the rarest colours was “Gibson Gold” which appeared for a short period in the late fifties and is rarely seen today. Perhaps it was Mr Fender’s recognition of the growing popularity of Gibson’s Les Paul goldtop guitars which were gaining an important foothold in the guitar market at the same time.  Whatever the case the colour had a short shelf life and was replaced by Aztec Gold in the sixties which became a staple in the Fender colour chart.

Original stratocasters from the early sixties now fetch phenominal prices which are further enhanced by the desirability or rareness of a particular colour. In the early 1960’s John Lennon and George Harrison acquired matching Sonic blue Fender Stratocasters with mint Green scratch plates. Imagine the price that either of these two strats would fetch in todays market!

Keep Strumming!

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